In March 2019, Elle relocated back to Brisbane after almost a year in regional NSW where she lost her Mom, Susan, to cancer. That may seem sad but Susan is the reason Elle bought Party in a Teepee and renamed it Starlight Parties. While Elle was growing up by the sea, just South of Sydney, Susan was always the fun neighbourhood “Mom” (not Mum as she was American and so is Elle) and Elle wants to help other Mothers be that person for their children.

Elle fondly remembers doing lemonade stands with her Mom using Kool Aid that was sent by relatives in the States. Every year Susan would bake hundreds of sugar cookies and then have all the neighbourhood kids over to decorate them. This gave the other Mums a chance to go Christmas Shopping, wrap gifts or just put their feet up for the afternoon. Seriously, years later, those children still remember decorating Christmas cookies and Elle finds herself baking 300-500 cookies to continue the tradition.

The most memorable moments though, were during Elle’s slumber parties when she and her guests would do arts and crafts with Susan. As a child, Elle didn’t understand or appreciate the amount of work that went into planning those activities. But she sure does now. She also knows everyone is busy, and can see quality family time being sacrificed time and time again. So she is here to do all the preparation, setup, take down and laundry for you. And you get to reap the benefits/kudos with your children.


With the new location from Gerringong,NSW to Beenleigh, QLD; comes a new name - Starlight Parties and a new website. So please, have a look at the services and activities Starlight Parties has to offer and feel free to call or email with any questions.


Elle wants to help you make long lasting memories your children will cherish in the years to come!